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– A Century will be defined as a grouping of 100 brothers as determined by their fraternity numbers.  For example: the first century group will be comprised of brother #1 – (Al Brunner) to brother #99 .  The Second century group will be comprised of  brother#100 – 199, and so on.  Each Century, except the first, has an overall body of 100 Alumni brothers with which to work.  Each century DOES NOT have a set amount of  ACTIVE Alumni brothers.  Therefore, it is imperative for each “Century” to engage as many brothers as possible within their Century in order to have the best chance at winning the Century Cup each year.

– Presently, we have seven (7)  full Century groups  of Delta Pi Alumni Brothers.  Partial Centuries of brothers can also participate, but will be at a decided disadvantage as they will have a smaller body of Alumni from which to collect dues.  This is not to say that younger brother will be at a disadvantage, as Younger brother centuries will be adding Alumni each year, the older “Centuries” will be losing Alumni Brothers to senility, death and Viagra overdoses.  So it’s anyone’s Cup! FYI…the 100’s will win every year. Continue reading.

– The “Century” that raises the most money each calendar year in the form of dues, will be the winner of the Century Cup, also referred to as “The Cup”!


These rules add some strategy to “The Cup”.  For example:

– Some brothers may choose to pay for past years they have missed.  Each dollar of “past due dues” will be counted equally with current dues.  As a result, there is a heavy advantage gained if a Century can locate “lost” brothers and show them the light (including paying past dues as far back as 1999).

– A Century can also take a “Mortgage the Future” approach to Dues and pay for multiple years in advance.  By doing so, again, an advantage can be gained.  Advance dues payments are capped at 10 years so that no one Century can simply buy “The Cup” each year.  This means that a Century, may choose to “mortgage the future” with advanced payments, but eventually that strategy will come back to roost as multiple years of little eligibility to win, therefore allowing other “less prosperous” Centuries to be competitive.


And this is what's important

– The winning Century group will have a metal plate made that will be attached to trophy base for posterity.  The plate will identify the Century of brothers , the date and their total amount of dues collected that year that qualified.

– The winning Century will designate a Custodian for “The Cup” and that person will take possession of the Century Cup at Homecoming each year to thunderous applause. The Century Cup will be designed to hold beer effectively in the “CUP” part.

– The Custodian will be responsible for the proper care of “The Cup” for 360 days.  After which time, the Alumni Association will contact the Custodian and provide for shipment of the Century Cup to Bloomsburg, PA for the addition of a new plate, a cleaning, and preparation for the upcoming next Homecoming celebration.

– The winning Century can (and should) carry “The Cup” proudly to all Fraternity (and non-fraternity) functions with the idea of intense gloating and shameless trash-talking and other unsportsmanlike conduct.  Even people that don’t know what “The Cup” is about, should be able to see that it’s pretty special, important and powerful.  The Century Cup can be moved from house to house, stay in one central location or be shipped to ports around the world.  It’s your cup for one year, enjoy it!

Examples of trash talking:

"Ernie and the Century 100 Brothers will drink deeply from this Cup…. this year only, while the 400’s will own it for many years to come. Perhaps the 400’s will allow this Cup to be passed around to the various nursing homes occupied by the 100’s- if  “Owebama Care” allows.."

"Many brothers already refer to this award as the “The Imperial Gods of the 36th Cup”. Perhaps under the base of the cup, we will inscribe “Polished by ‘Ole Man Ernie 169”.

~ Gloating and Trash Talking examples, brought to you by Robert "Wooly" Woolslager.


If “The Cup” is damaged in anyway, it is the responsibility of the winning Century to make repairs that brings “The Cup” to it’s previous condition prior to passing it to the next winning century at the next Homecoming celebration.